The following is a description of Rules & Guidelines used to govern the
Tekken House Tour Series during Season 2.

To become a THT competitor, participants must come to the Tekken House of East Point and compete in a “Challenge” match, Any “Challenge” issued must be performed during a stream held on the flagship channel:
A “Challenge” can only be issued between 2 competitors within the same rank level, If a “Challenge” is issued (within reasonable parameters) the competitor being challenged is obligated to take on that “Challenge” or forfeit, Forfeit of a “Challenge”  will cause said player to be penalized, in turn suffering a “Loser point deduction” equal to the per match ranking points total for both players tier.
The Issuing Challenger will be granted the winner point allotment if said “Challenge” is forfeited. If a competitor competes in a “Challenge” at least once in a “Session”, they are no longer obligated to accept a “Challenge” for the remainder of the “Session” nor will they be penalized.
The Issuing Challenger will not be granted points under these conditions.
A competitor can issue as well as participate in as many “Challenge”(s) as time permits within a “Session”

POINT SYSTEM: Each ranking level is allotted a given amount of points per “Set” win and deducted an equal amount per “Set” loss,  Once a player is reduced to 0 points, he or she will no longer be deducted points until a positive number of points has been earned, in which point deductions will resume per loss. Points can only be earned or lost in ranked battle between those within the same rank level.

Point Reset: Point Resets occurs anytime a player is demoted from one rank to another, Points will reset to the associated rank level’s point threshold when a “Point Reset” occurs.

These can be acquired thru tournament performance though very specific points will be given in this manor:  
Competing In any 64 person bracket or larger points are occurred via the following:
Surviving your Tournament Pool: (Initial tournament pool only)
Coming out of said Pool:
Winners side granted 100 points
Loser Side granted 50 points
Top 8 Placement: Granted 100 points
1st Place Victory: Granted 500 points
Tournament Point Bonus Matches:
When any THT competitor faces another THT competitor in a tournament setting (meeting aforementioned requirements), the winner will receive the point amount allotted the same as an issued “Challenge” to a winner in the associated rank of the losing competitor BUT the Loser will suffer no point penalty i.e.- Red Rank beats Green Rank granted 25 points Green Rank beats Red rank granted 100 points/etc-etc
Points this Season will also be awarded via Tournaments hosted throughout the Greater Atlanta area in association with TKNHouse Entertainment, there will also be 4 local events during the season chosen at random  via “Team Battles”, “Specialty Matches” “Exhibition Matches”  etc. (how points are acquired will change at each event, These changes will consistently be announced on TKNHouse associated stream channels  refer to the website for our up too date associated channels)

Season 2 will also spark the launch of “Travel Tokens”:  
These Tokens will be earned ONLY via Tournament Travel and Competition
A Black Ranked competitor would need to be within say 25-50 points of the “Gate Lord” and there “Travel Tokens” would have to equal the points needed to challenge the “Gate Lord” or the 5th Place person if the “Gate lord” is unavailable within 2 “Challenge” attempts.
When a competitor has both the “Rank Level Points” and the accumulated proper amount of “Travel Tokens” the competitor then has the option to “Challenge” their respective competitor using either “Rank Level Points” or “Travel Tokens” on there initial “Challenge”, If the Challenger losses the set the penalty is the same (Loss of I figure this way they don’t fall to hard off after working there way up BUT still have the option to challenge again sooner rather than later, keeping the red ranked players on there toes and active this season


  • Season 2’s Red Rank will begin with the 3 finalists from the TKNHouse Tour Finals, Red Rank will continue as the only rank level with it’s own assigned positions ranging from 1st to 5th, These positions are based upon the amount of accumulated points each competitor has within the Red Rank level, prioritized from 1st (highest) to 5th (lowest).
    Changes in position can only occur with points value variants amongst the competitors within the Red Rank level.
  • All Red Rank competitors in the 1st – 4th positions must make themselves available to be challenged the bare minimum of twice per month or suffer a 400 point deduction

Requirements to enter the Red Rank are as follows:

  • Competitors must meet the 300 point threshold to gain access for the right to challenge the residing “Gate Lord” in a match consisting of a 1st to 10 “Set”, If the challenger wins the “Set”, they become eligible to challenge for the 5th place holder’s position. The 5th placeholder must accept this challenge or forfeit his or her’s position to challenger.
    The loser of this “Set” will suffer a “Point Reset” based on the point threshold standards these competitors place under, If the sitting 5th placeholder loses the “Challenge” they will in turn DEMOTE in rank, The winner will have earned the right to obtain/assume the 5th place position.
    Any competitor assuming the 5th place position via promotion will receive a Red Rank “Point Reset”
  • Competitors can circumvent challenging the “Gate Lord” by accumulating the same amount of points as the 5th placeholder and challenging him or her directly, once again the 5th placeholder must accept this challenge or forfeit their position to challenger. The loser of the “Set” will suffer a “Point Reset” based on the point threshold standards these competitors fall under.  
    If the sitting 5th placeholder loses the “Challenge” they demote in rank. The winner will retain/assume the 5th place position. Any competitor assuming the 5th place position via promotion will receive a Red Rank “Point Reset”
  • In the event of a vacant 5th place position (provided the “Gate Lord” is not present) any 2 competitors over the 300 point threshold can compete in a 1st to 10 “Set” in which the winner will then assume the 5th Place position and the loser will suffer a Black Rank “Point Reset”

  • All Red Ranked Competitors must compete in 1st to 10 “Sets”
  • Winner is granted 100 points
  • Loser is deducted 100 points
  • The 5th position holds a teetering amount of responsibilities and consequences which include:
  • Mandatory Position Defences
  • Must be present at least twice per a month to be challenged or the spot will be vacated and the former position holder will receive a Black Rank “Point Reset”.

  • To gain access to the Black Rank competitors must meet the 100 point threshold
  • All competitors within this rank must compete in a 1st to 7 “Set”:
  • Winner is granted 50 points
  • Loser is deducted 50 points
  • All new competitors involved will start in the Green Ranks with 50 points. There is no point threshold in the Green Rank but any “Point Reset” that occurs will reset competitor’s points to 50 points.
  • Competitors can have points deducted until reaching 0 points. (see “Points System” for deeper explanation)
  • All competitors within this rank must compete in a 1st to 7 “Set”:
  • Winner is granted 25 points
  • Loser is deducted 25 points
  • Challenge- A “Set” number matches played between competitors for access to points announced by competitor stating “I Challenge You!”
  • Gate Lord- a non competitor position established to road block the success of those trying to promote to 5th overall
  • Set- Actual matches played within a “Challenge”
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