This year’s THT Season Series will be executed in 3 parts creating essentially a trickle down effect. 

Beginning with approximately 14 teams 8 being the bare minimum, Each month teams will be eliminated from contention via lowest total points earned, the amount of teams eliminated 

will be between 2-4 teams 

(This is contingent upon the number of total team entered in the overall event) 

until we reach the final 4-6, the remaining 4-6 teams will take part in the “Postseason” or “Playoffs”. 

Below is an example which is also subjected to change:


Part #1: Month 1 of the series all teams will compete against one another in preset schedules, breaking all teams down into 2 Divisions. 

All teams will engage in the same amount of battles, the 2-4 teams who have earned the 

lowest points during the month within each division will be eliminated from the series overall narrowing the number of active teams down. 


Part #2: Month 2 of the series Tournament Organizers will be implementing the “Monkey Wrench” system, these stipulations will vary and will be explained via 

TKNHouse, Pokchop50 or 4o4 Esports streaming so be sure you are followers and subscribers 

Of these channels.

The remaining teams will once again be narrowed down during the final week of the month bringing the total of active teams down.  


Part #3: Month 3 will begin the series playoffs, the remaining teams will compete in elimination bouts until we are down to the final 2 Teams  

Part #4: The Championship contenders will have been decided with the date set for the Grand Finale later that same month.

Parties interested in competing in this series, You will need to sign up via 
Using your Full Name, Gamertag, Email address 

and an electronic form of payment to utilize in order to receive your winnings. 

Players MUST read these and the TKNHouse event rules before signing up, In order to compete players must complete Sign Ups, due to the series format there will be no on site sign ups for this series.

All players involved will be given a pre-set point total representing them as individual players, that number will then be used for the following:

1.) Overall Salary Cap administered per team

2.) Individual Rank & Tier

Each team will consist of 3 active players,

Once teams are filled and players still remain, the option for reserve players will be unlocked.

Each team will be given the option to draft an additional 2 players, Those players will be representing their respective teams as Reserves/Bench players 

Each team will be given a salary cap in terms of points, When drafting players the respective teams cannot exceed the allocated Salary Cap Number during the standard 

drafting nor when choosing its Reserve/Bench positions

Each team must utilize the points given in order to complete a full roster and acquire a total of 3 core players

Due to the Pandemic and its current status we will no longer have travel locations for Home & Away games. 

We are on the other hand honored and proud to announce that 4o4 Esports will be the home for the Tag Team Turmoil Series during the 3 month duration

Once slots are filled, teams will be randomly drawn into 2 Conferences if there are enough teams, those teams will further be broken down into Divisions within those conferences. 

A pre-set schedule will be drawn up for all teams to battle one another within their respective Divisions & Conferences as well as the possibility of squaring off against opponents from the opposite Divisions & Conferences. 

Competitions will be launched in Bi-Weekly (Twice per month) All teams will be scheduled 

to Battle during the 1st Month but all teams may not be scheduled to play on the same week


Half of the total amount of teams will be scheduled to battle at 404 Esports Week 1 with the remaining teams Scheduled to Battle the next scheduled week. This way we can ensure all battles are recorded, streamed and completed at a reasonable time and all players have time to train with their teammates and better prepare for there upcoming opponents. 

(We all know you have lives to live and don’t want to prevent you from getting necessary things done either)

Tier 1 competitor = 3 player points

Tier 2 competitor = 5 player points

Tier 3 competitor = 10 player points

26 Total player points

  • A Single TEAM BATTLE = 3 MATCHES played
  • One Best of 5 Round game= 1 MATCH
  • A Best of 2/3 TEAM BATTLE = 1 SET
  • 50 Points per MATCH win
  • 100 Point bonus for a SET win (additional 50 point bonus for no MATCHES lost in a SET)
  • Only one Tier 3 Competitor can play in a SET at a time
  • No less than one Tier 1 Competitor must be present to play per SET or team suffers mandatory forfeit
  • Any other combination as long as those requirements are met are okay to play
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